Currently Movies Plus broadcasts on Fire TV to over 340,000 subscribers.  Our Roku channel went Public on ROKU in January 2018, and we have 60,000 subscribers and growing.  The MP Android App is new, but it's worth a look, see the link below.


With the exception of our website, Movies Plus programs are broadcast on CTV.  That's really just a fancy way of saying we use the Internet to stream videos to Televisions and Tablets like Kindle.  Set Top Boxes like Roku and Fire TV are CTV (connected TV) devices.


If you'd like to have your film/show broadcast on MP it's free.  We just need a link to your content so we can check it out.


If you have content on Vimeo Pro, you'll need to activate the "Share" feature so that you can copy your videos link and share it with me.   

You can also try file sharing services like Google Drive and Dropbox. 

OR if you host your video on Youtube or Vimeo you can use our Direct Submission to our Online Player and Android App.


NEW!  Automatically add your video to our Android App and our Youtube Channel.  First, make sure your logged into Google/Youtube, then just click the following link!   OR...Go to the home page...There's a box at the upper left...Paste in your Vimeo or Youtube video direct link into the box that says "paste a youtube or vimeo url" -- it's that easy.  Then, we'll look at the material to make sure there's no nudity or adult language. 

(Roku frowns upon adult-ish content because our channel is targeted towards families of all ages.) 


If you'd like to nudge us, then please let Dean know that you've recently uploaded a video-link.  Contact Dean on


Again, there is no cost to broadcast your Short or Feature Film, I just need the link!  And this is a non-exclusive arrangement...You may ask to have your videos removed from Movies Plus whenever you like, just email me and I will remove your video.

There's no fees, and no hidden agenda.  (Please allow me to broadcast your work for at least 3 weeks.)


Your in control.  Non-exclusive and no-contracts!



More details if you like reading...


A cool idea: 

We've all seen movies that open with a studio logo, like the MGM Lion.  This is where you would tag-in your logo and website address on your video.  And you could also place a text-message like "Support us on our web site."  You should repeat this at the end of your movie too. 



Screen a story, not a commercial.  Please don't submit teasers or trailers - we won't air them.  You may submit a screener, but not a work-in-progress or a piece of a story that forces people to purchase the full version.


What is Fire TV and Roku?   

CTV or Set Top Boxes aka OTT typically would use your Internet's Broadband WiFi signal.  You need to buy a Roku or Amazon Fire TV box or stick (starting at $23.)  Then connect your device by HDMI or RCA jacks to your TV, it then boots up and asks you to connect with your Internet.  Note, that new Fire TV devices only use your TV's HDMI port.



 What do people say about our channels?

If you want to read comments, visit the link below.  On this site, you'll also see Screenshots of Movies Plus taken from our Fire TV channel, just click on a screenshot to zoom in.



How do I get Movies Plus?

Here we are on Amazon:

It's a one time fee of $2.  340,000 Amazon subscribers like MP, I think you will too.


And here's our FREE channel on Roku:


And here we are on the Googleplay store.



Art and Description... 

After I've approved your video for broadcast on Movies Plus, I'd like you to please send 1000W x 550H art to represent your work.  This is for display on the Movies Plus channel.  Please make a jpeg (.jpg) file, under 100Kb.  If you can't provide the correct size or format, then please send me 20 bucks and I'll size/format it on your behalf.


When you're sending art to me, please send a wordpad or txt document with a one or two sentence description of your video.  You may include your website address, in fact I encourage it.  IE:


To contact me personally please use webmail: MetroFilmFestival @ (delete the spaces!) or visit:




  1. Submission Guidelines:
  1. Regarding video hosting: I won't download content from Youtube, however WE CAN USE Youtube videos on our Android and Kindle Apps.  Please use the direct submission technique I described above.  For other hosting scenarios please write me.
  2. The points below are for those of you who want your content placed on our Fire TV, Roku and Set Top Boxes.
  3. No matter where your video is hosted or shared from; please format your movie in Mpeg4 (save it as a mp4 extension. 
  4. NO MOV.  MOV or a video file that is converted from a MOV typically will not stream well.  IE: Directly output a mp4 from your editing software's timeline!
  5. 1280x720 aspect ratio is suggested.  HD is NOT required.  NO UHD.
  6. Bitrates of 3000Kbps are good and less than 5,000Kbps are suggested.
  7. File size max 1GB is suggested.
  8. Important!  I would appreciate a note saying that you own the material, and you're giving me temporary permission to broadcast it on our Movie Plus venues.  (Clearance is your responsibility.  IE: Is your movies Music yours to use?)


Hello Filmmakers

    Movies Plus is a broadcast partner of Indie Filmmakers are invited to join us and over 350,000 subscribers on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Android. Add your video now, or chat with us via the Youtube link or

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